September 3, 2008

J-J Hooks Produces 23 Miles of Highway Barriers for Archer Western Project

 Midland, Va. - Seminole Precast Manufacturing Inc., manufacturer of the J-J Hooks barrier connection system, is providing a phenomenal 116,000 linear feet of its precast concrete barriers to Archer Western as a rental for use on a 2-year major highway project along I-75 in the Tifton and Cook Counties area. The barriers will be used to keep construction workers and motorists safe throughout the highway construction area.

 Beginning in early August, a fleet of trucks began delivering the first of 958 loads of rental barrier to the project site. Despite the enormity of the order, Seminole expects installation of the barriers to take only eight weeks, less than half the standard installation time required for other barrier systems. Considered to be one of the most cost-effective features of J-J Hooks barriers, this timeframe is much shorter primarily due to the ease of installation and elimination of loose connection hardware. Additionally, removal is equally simple because you don’t have to unbolt and pull pins or jostle the sections loose.

“We’re extremely happy with the J-J Hooks connection,” said Rick Smithey, Georgia Division Manager for Seminole Precast. “Seminole prides itself on safety, quality, and service and J-J Hooks helps us live up to those standards. J-J Hooks barriers are easy to work with and quickly installed. These barriers are safer as well; there is no reason for our guys to have their hands and fingers in the way since there is no loose hardware to put in place, which prevents many injuries.”

J-J Hooks Barriers Inventory at Seminole

Smithey continued, “Seminole can provide customers quality service as a one-stop shop -- we provide the hooks, weld the rebar to them, pour the barrier and deliver and set it. We are the only local producer with the ability to perform all of these functions. By offering a barrier rental option, highway contractors can utilize precast concrete barrier at a fraction of the cost to purchase it new. . . the comprehensive J-J Hooks Program helps us meet our business goals.”

The J-J Hooks highway traffic safety barrier connection system has become a “standard” on North American and international highways in recent years. It is the most widely used private connection design in the United States. Last year, local producers provided more than one million linear feet of barrier to US highway projects. It is the lowest cost barrier connection system available in the industry today.

The J-J Hooks barrier connection system has been crash tested and passed the National Cooperative Highway Research Program 350 Test Level 3 standards. Self-aligning, identical- 

ended J-J Hook connectors allow for quick, easy installation of the barrier. There is no loose hardware, permitting a single section to be easily removed without disturbing adjacent sections and eliminating the possibility of lost, stolen or damaged parts. This is important for easy emergency access and protection against tampering and vandalism. J-J Hooks can be used as a temporary or permanent barrier system.

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