J-J Hooks concrete barriers are an excellent solution for controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic for major events, conferences and concerts. They are also used by security officials to control large gatherings, and to prevent them from escalating out of control.

Crowd control barriers act as a physical and psychological barrier, by defining "no access" zones, and to designate areas for lines. They can prevent vehicular intrusion in high risk zones. Concrete barriers are used to redirect pedestrian and traffic flows into new patterns.

Barriers are most effective when they interlock, creating an impenetrable line of barrier. Precast concrete barriers can be modified with a top-mounted security fence for heightened security.

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Concrete security barriers are the preferred choice for crowd control and events applications for a number of reasons:

  • Effective as unanchored portable barriers due to weight and size
  • Can be quickly repositioned to meet changing needs
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cost effective
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Rental Services

Many J-J Hooks producers offer barrier rental services, making concrete crowd control and event barrier usage even easier, faster, and more cost effective than before. Due to the ease and speed of installation, concrete barriers can be installed overnight and removed the evening following the event.

In The News

J-J Hooks concrete barriers have been used on numerous high-profile, high-risk events: