J-J Hooks barrier producers will deliver and pick up all of the barrier you need for your worksite. Efficient delivery fleets assure you of prompt service for large and small quantities of barrier. Free up your equipment, that would have been used placing barrier, to finish your job on schedule.

Don’t tie up valuable capital, buying barriers, storage space and equipment, when you could be investing it in your business. Save time and money that would have been spent on maintaining, storing, delivering and setting barrier.

Note: Barrier rental services aren’t offered by all J-J Hooks barrier producers. The services mentioned below may not be offered by all producers that offer barrier rental services. Contact your local J-J Hooks producer for more information.

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Economical Solutions for your Barrier Needs

The per-foot, per-month barrier rental rates of concrete barrier are only a fraction of the purchase price. Jersey barrier rentals are available on a short term or long term basis. Barrier producers will deliver, set and pick-up barrier where you want it, when you want it, for as long as you want it. When you rent barrier there is no maintenance costs, no extra handling, and no need for storage.

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Need Your Barrier Right Away?

Barrier producers maintain a large inventory of barrier to meet your immediate barrier needs. Installation crews and equipment are ready to start setting your barrier right away. More than half a mile of barrier can be installed in one night.

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Leave the Hassles Behind

  • Don’t waste valuable real estate storing and repairing concrete barrier.
  • Avoid the headache of finding extra labor or tying up your labor resources setting and removing barrier
  • Escape the headaches of finding trucks and reliable truck drivers, scheduling and tracking deliveries.
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Advantages of Renting J-J Hooks Barriers

  • J-J Hooks connection design allows easy removal of midsections
  • The J-Hook connection allows barrier to be set faster and easier than the competitors
  • Requires smaller installation crews
  • No loss of structural integrity or security breach due to lost or stolen connection hardware
  • Meets NCHRP-350 and MASH, Test Level 3 crash test criteria
  • Approved for use in 45 states, territories and provinces and 9 countries. View Approvals List
  • The J-J Hooks MASH TL3 Bolt-down and Pin-down Barriers are currently undergoing approval processes across North America. Call Easi-Set at (540) 439-8911 for the most up-to-date approvals.