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MASH & NCHRP-350 TL3 Free Standing Barriers

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MASH TL3 Bolt-Down / Pin-Down Barriers

Fastest Setting Times

Save time with J-J Hooks Safety Barriers to meet your deadlines with ease.

  • Fast Connection:

    Self-aligning - automatically “hooks” into place, no jostling

  • No Confusion:

    Identical ends, turn the barrier end-for-end

  • Simple Installation:

    Vertical lift simplifies installation and removal

  • Fast Reconfiguration:

    Remove one barrier without disturbing adjacent barriers

Most Economical Barrier System

Save money with J-J Hooks.

  • Reduce installation & removal costs:

    Faster installation & removal with smaller crews

  • Eliminate connection replacement costs:

    No rusted nuts & lost or stolen bolts

  • Reduce workman's comp:

    No hands between barrier segments

  • Only two bolts required:

    Per 12-foot bolt-down section

  • Only three pins required:

    Per 12-foot pin-down section

  • Lowest cost-to-produce:

    The industry’s most economical barrier

Most Secure Barrier Connection System

Rest easy knowing your site won't be prone to vandals or thieves.

  • No security breach:

    Strong continuous steel connection

  • Theft-proof connection:

    No loose hardware

Easiest System Available

Eliminate the hassle of complex connection systems.

  • No loose connection hardware:

    No loose parts to track or lose

  • Smaller installation crews:

    Only a loader operator and one ground man

  • Reduce traffic congestion:

    Tight radius capability

  • No transition section required:

    NCHRP 350 and MASH designs connect directly