April 9, 2021

New Mexico approves J-J Hooks MASH barrier

In March 2021, the NMDOT approved the J-J Hooks MASH, F-shape, free standing, temporary barrier in a 19’ 8 ¼” length, as an alternate to their state standard.

The 20-foot MASH barrier retains the 12-inch J-Hook which has been integral to the designs of J-J Hooks, since its introduction in the 1990’s. J-J Hooks has been the barrier-of-choice by highway contractors throughout North America and abroad, since it has no loose hardware to inventory, get lost or stolen. It has the industry’s fastest install/removal times, due to its cast-in connection alignment guides. Currently, over 15-million feet of J-J Hooks has been installed on highways worldwide.

NMDOT provides state-owned temporary precast barrier to highway contractors upon request and availability. The NMDOT standard is a 20-foot NJ shape barrier with a 2-loop pin-and-loop connection and two anchoring pockets on each side.

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