May 7, 2020

J-J Hooks MASH-tested Safety Barrier Acceptance Tops 40 DOT’s

Easi-Set Worldwide announced that their MASH TL3-tested J-J Hooks temporary precast concrete safety barrier can now be used in 40 states and provinces internationally.

As state DOT’s moved into the FHWA-mandated MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) era on January 1, 2020, J-J Hooks was the only tested private design offering a suite of MASH temporary barrier designs for use on state highways. J-J Hooks is available for free standing installations in 12-foot & 20-foot lengths and for restrained (bolted & pinned) installations in 12-foot lengths. The MASH-tested 20-foot length contains the original 12-inch high J-Hook, while the 12-foot lengths contain an 18-inch high J-Hook and deflection limiters.

J-J Hooks is the most successful, extensively crash tested and DOT-approved private connection design available in the industry, providing government agencies a fully-tested MASH option.

“With the continued rise in approvals for our MASH barrier designs and future infrastructure spending we see a strong long-term outlook for increased demand for J-J Hooks sales,” stated Art Miles, President of Easi-Set Worldwide.

The J-J Hooks connection system was developed and crash tested in the 1990’s. Since that time, it has been in continuous use on state & provincial highways and internationally. As the FHWA-mandated testing requirements were changed and became more severe, the J-J Hooks connection design kept pace and was enhanced to meet the new requirements. From the 1990’s until the present, the basic J-Hook connection design has remained the same and to date, over 15,000,000 LF of J-J Hooks barrier have been delivered and installed on authority roadways.

Over the years, J-J Hooks has become the “barrier of choice” by highway contractors. This has been due in part to having no loose connection hardware to get lost or stolen, identical ends which allow it to be turned end-to-end, the cast-in connection-alignment guide, its high degree of safety (no hands between sections) when setting and minimum installation/removal crews.

In the March 2019 report, Synthesis of the Performance of Portable Concrete Barrier Systems, NCHRP Transportation Research Board, J-J Hooks was rated by barrier users as Highly Preferred & Preferred for its connection design, ease of installation, no loose parts to be inventoried, identical ends, ease of removal, inspectability/maintainability and cost effectiveness.

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