November 25, 2019

Ohio DOT Approves MASH J-J Hooks Free-Standing Barrier

Ohio DOT has approved the J-J Hooks MASH TL3 tested, free standing, precast concrete temporary barrier for use on their roadways.

During the period leading up to the implementation of AASHTO’s MASH 16 (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) testing requirements by the FHWA and state DOT’s, Ohio DOT chose to change their approved shape from the NJ-shape to a MASH tested F-shape barrier system. Beginning on January 1, 2020, only MASH tested longitudinal barrier can be produced for roadway installation. NCHRP350 tested barrier produced prior to that date can be used through their normal service life (as defined by the Ohio DOT). Norwalk Concrete Industries, Norwalk, OH, will be providing ODOT roadway contractors the J-J Hooks MASH–tested precast temporary barrier. Norwalk has been a licensed producer of J-J Hooks temporary barrier since 1993.

J-J Hooks has a full suite of MASH-TL3 crash tested precast concrete temporary barrier designs: 12-foot & 20-foot free standing and restrained (pinned or bolted) with FHWA Federal Aid Eligibility Letters. It is the temporary-barrier-of-choice among construction contractors due to its speed of installation/removal, no loose connection hardware, identical ends (can be turned end-to-end), cast-in self-aligning connection guide, and economical cost. Over 15,000,000 LF of J-J Hooks has been used on North American highways since its introduction in 1990.

The state DOT’s role and responsibility, as defined by the January 7, 2016 AASHTO/FHWA Joint Implementation Agreement for MASH and the May 26, 2017 Open Letter addressing Federal-aid Eligibility Letters, is deciding which longitudinal barriers are allowed on their highways. Consequently, states are frequently taking the position that they will only allow exactly what was crash tested. Easi-Set has been actively seeking state approvals for its MASH TL3 tested J-J Hook barrier designs and has made good progress. Currently 36 states have approved at least one of the J-J Hooks MASH TL3 tested designs, as an alternate to their state standard. Easi-Set, the product licensor for J-J Hooks, has a large number of requests pending and is generating additional requests regularly.

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