July 12, 2019

Mack Industries joins the Easi-Set J-J Hooks Producer Family

Easi-Set Worldwide, a subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCQX: SMID), announced the addition of one of the country’s most experienced precasters to the Easi-Set family of licensed product producers. Established in 1932, Mack Industries, headquartered in Brunswick, Ohio, has joined the Easi-Set network of J-J Hooks highway safety barrier producers.

Mack offers both ready-mix concrete and a broad range of precast concrete products from utility to road construction and building products from nine locations covering the Eastern U. S. from Michigan to Florida. Their 87 years of experience along with both PCI and NPCA plant certifications will provide customers another reliable purchasing source.

Mack Industries J J Hooks

J-J Hooks is a natural extension of Mack Industries product line for road contracting clientele, and matches well with their teamwork philosophy. “Teamwork demands a positive work attitude, customer driven focus, and commitment to safety, service and quality in everything we do,” said President of Mack Industries, Betsy Mack Nespeca. “We like to extend our teamwork approach to our customers. Working together we design and build, manage and plan, improve and create new opportunities for each other.”

Product production will take place in both of their Michigan plants, Kalamazoo and White Lake, providing increased capacity in the upper mid-west.

J-J Hooks is the industry’s most successful connection design with well over 15 million linear feet provided to highway construction projects in North America and abroad. J-J Hooks freestanding, pin-down and bolt-down designs have been MASH TL3 and NCHRP350 TL3 tested and are available from 40 producers.

About Easi-Set Worldwide

Easi-Set® Worldwide, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation (DE), a publicly traded company (OTCQX: SMID), licenses the production and sale of proprietary precast products around the world. For more information on J-J Hooks or precast product licensing opportunities, please call (540) 439-8911 or visit www.jjhooks.com or www.EasiSet.com.