January 31, 2019

Easi-Set Worldwide continues to grow its precast product producer network

Easi-Set Worldwide announces the addition of an outstanding concrete product manufacturer to its family of licensed producers.

Jobe Materials was established in 1983 (Jobe Concrete Products) and has long been known as premier supplier of precast/prestessed concrete products, ready mix concrete, aggregate, asphalt and landscaping material for the Western Texas and Southern New Mexico markets. Jobe will be producing Easi-Set’s J-J Hooks highway safety barrier, North America’s most successful. The Dyer Street plant in El Paso (one of Jobe’s sixteen) in will serve as the main hub for barrier manufacturing.

“The addition of this experienced organization will serve the consumers of our products well,” said Art Miles, Easi-Set’s President. This new capacity should result in tangible market share gains.” Mr. Miles went on to say, “We have been impressed by all the team members we have worked with at the company. They show a level of commitment and experience that will pay dividends for all involved, especially their customers.”

Currently, more than 14,000,000 linear feet of J-J Hooks temporary precast concrete barrier have been produced and installed worldwide. All J-J Hooks barrier designs utilize the same J-Hook connection system which provides the industry’s fastest installation and removal capability, has integral self-aligning connection guides, and requires no loose hardware. Visit www.JJHooks.com for more information.

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