November 21, 2018

Successful MASH Crash Test Marks Milestone for Easi-Set’s Legacy Product

Easi-Set’s NCHRP350 TL3 12-inch J-J Hook free-standing barrier has now been successfully tested as a MASH 16 TL3 12-inch J-J Hook, free-standing, F-shape, 20-foot barrier. FHWA has issued a Letter of Eligibility B-307.

The successful completion of these tests adds another MASH barrier to the J-J Hooks suite of free-standing and restrained J-J Hooks designs, and bolsters J-J Hooks leadership in cost competitiveness within the highway safety barrier market.

The crash tests were conducted at the Holmes Solutions LP FHWA Accredited Laboratory, Christ Church, NZ. Both the 3-10 (1000C small passenger car) and 3-11 (2270P pickup truck) tests were performed. The maximum dynamic deflection of the unpinned, free-standing installation, with 20-foot sections, occurred during the 3-11 test and was 62.9 inches. The full length of barriers tested was 66 meters (217 feet) with the end barriers in the installation unpinned.

Currently, more than 14,000,000 linear feet of J-J Hooks temporary precast concrete barrier have been produced and installed worldwide. All J-J Hooks barrier designs utilize the same J-Hook connection system which provides the industry’s fastest installation and removal capability, has integral self-aligning connection guides, and requires no loose hardware. Visit for more information.

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