November 27, 2017

J-J Hooks Freestanding Precast Concrete Safety Barrier, Now Fully MASH TL-3 Compliant

Easi-Set Worldwide product announcement. Easi-Set Worldwide announces the completion of MASH TL3 testing of their newly designed freestanding precast concrete safety barrier. The 3-10 small car crash test was conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute, College Station, TX on November 14, 2017, completing the required TL3 tests. The 3-11 pickup truck crash test was completed in January of this year.

This new J-J Hooks freestanding barrier, along with the previously MASH TL3 tested J-J Hooks restrained barrier (bolt-down or pin-down), are fully compliant with MASH TL3 requirements. Their availability in the marketplace is two years ahead of the “sunset” date requirements contained in the January 7, 2016 AASHTO/FHWA Joint Implementation Agreement for MASH. The new MASH freestanding design will eventually replace the extremely successful NCHRP 350 TL3 design originally tested in 1999. Currently, more than 13,000,000 linear feet of J-J Hooks temporary barrier have been produced and installed worldwide.

The MASH TL3 (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) 3-11 test uses a larger/heavier test vehicle (pickup truck weighing 5,000lbs) impacting at 62mph and a 25° angle imparting substantially more energy at impact compared to the vehicle (standard pickup) used in the NCHRP 350 testing. The MASH TL3 3-10 test uses a small car (2,420lbs) also impacting at 62mph and an angle of 25°.

The 3-10 and 3-11 crash test reports will be combined into a final report and included in the FHWA Federal-aid Eligibility Letter Request. All J-J Hooks barrier designs utilize the same J-Hook connection system which provides the industry’s fastest installation and removal capability, has integral self-aligning connection guides, and requires no loose hardware. Visit for more information..

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